Scott Listfield

Painter Scott Listfield work features a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, and science fiction references. The astronaut in my paintings as he states it “is simply here to explore the present”. The intent of Scott’s work is to encourage his viewers to look beyond the piece, to take the images of astronauts and pop culture references and use it all as a source of creative inspiration for exploration.

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Kit King

Raised with significant creative influences in the form of two artistic parents, painter Kit King witnessed the affect art had on lives of people at an early age. Her paintings as she states “are reflections of the ephemeral visual relationships around us”.

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Mia Bergeron

Words from the artist, “Growing up in New York City with two graphic designers for parents, I was always drawn to bold shapes and colors. Emphasis on patterns and design were household commonalities. However, in my early 20’s during my time spent in Italy, I began to become more fluent in the subtleties that the figure, as a subject, presented. By studying the classical discipline of painting figures and people, I began to notice the curious transformation that figurative art has taken over the centuries. I was fascinated with the figure as an ideal form. In contrast to this idealization, I was also studying classical portraiture, an art form that was tireless in its rendition of details and accurate observance.”

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Daniel Martin

After exiting the world of the computers graphics industry in 2013 Daniel fully committed himself to art. His work is often interpreted as being deliberately damaged after the painting was completed. This intentional display of spontaneity in his paintings is essential to Martin’s work.

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Robin Page

Artist Robin Page draws on large sheets of paper with various types of materials ranging from charcoal and erasers. The subjects of work are chosen for their distinctive features, ranging from beards to bone structure and acne to nose shape. By using the faces of people she believes she is capturing a moment she shared with them while taking photos of their face.

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Brian Cattelle

Words from the artist “I’ve been traveling the United States photographing creepy and abandoned locations all over. I’ve seen some wild things and been to some of the most insane abandoned places. For me it’s not just about capturing these images of solitude and decay. It’s about rejuvenating some of their past glory by injecting natural beauty. So how exactly am I doing this? By finding adventurous models crazy enough to follow me into these dark and forgotten structures, letting me take nude photos of them in the chaos and destruction. The thing is, in my images you don’t always see the nude model immediately, often times she’s hidden deep beneath the shadows and the damage. Once you look, once you really look into the heart of my work, you’ll see the women reveal themselves, and you’ll watch as the images bring these lost places back to life.”

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