Paolo Iarussi: The Multidimensional Artist

Paolo Iarussi is an artist like no other in so that it would be an injustice to attach to any particular style. His art blends different styles together to occupy a realm of its own. Even with my short time interviewing him I felt enveloped by the passion of art that oozed off him like sweat. With an aim of using art to bring consciousness to the masses he is constantly exploring the limits of his art. Paolo is a part of many ventures that not only help the artists around him but also brings awareness of art in the Miami community. This is our interview with Paolo Iarussi.
Who or what influences your style?
I have experimented with so many different methods in my life. I started drawing with charcoal then with ink, then with ballpoint. I’ve played around with ceramic, wood carving, steel, and glass. I have also spent time with oils and watercolors. All of those different experiences with those different styles have made me the artist I am today and will continue to influence the artist I will become.
You create a technique of your own called Pi, can we take a moment to discuss it?
Pi is my original technique. Named after the symbol ( TT ) I actually discovered it by accident. I was in the midst of doing a drawing for class. It was a huge drawing something in the nature of 36 by 25 in size. So while working on the drawing I got into an argument with my girlfriend. Out of frustration I left the room angrily. However unbeknownst to me on the way out I knock over a can of paint which was there because I was painting my work space earlier. So of course when I came back I wanted to die seeing paint all over my drawing. So without anything else to do with the piece I lazily threw it away on my yard. Two days later I was outside playing my guitar and I looked over at the drawing and noticed that the paper separated from the paint. I looked in closer and noticed that the graphite had transferred on to the paint. So I took this now standalone paint and wash it off. The end result was this piece unlike anything I have seen before. Over time I have worked on the process perfecting it.
How do want viewers to think or feel when they see your work?
I want the viewer to feel that there is something greater than the individual person which is life and you participate in this life consciously or unconsciously.
You are involved in some amazing ventures. I’ll like to go over a couple of them. The first being ‎‎Rueda Miami‎, what is the story behind Rueda?
I am the creative director of Rueda. Rueda is my way of moving art in the city forward or sideways, whichever way will have it evolve and expand. Through Rueda we work together with other artists to create moments that people will remember. We throw these amazing art events to bring art awareness to the Miami public. One thing that is interesting that we do through Rueda is that we do it ecologically. We try to preserve and protect our paradise. Everything that we do is recycled and non-toxic to our environment. For example we even throw events centered around picking up recyclable materials but in a fun way. Then you know what we do with that material, we make art with it then auction that art piece at another event we are having. So in that chain of events we took that trash that is harming the environment make art out of it, sell that art, so we can use that money to showcase artists at another event with the extra wall space we can now afford with that money that came from that trash that was harming the environment.
Then there is PeotryofI, What is that about?
PoetryofI is a marketplace for artists. Let’s say you’re photographer for example you send us a couple of your pieces digitally. We place your work on then the artist is able to both have a place to showcase their work and have a revenue source. I just wanted to create a different avenue for artist to showcase their work. I don’t believe there is enough avenues for success an artist has in our Miami community. Some of these artists put so much into their work to create some amazing pieces and they maybe make ends meet. That’s not cool because they are really working hard. Education evolves, politics evolve, technology evolves every second, and the artist continues to starve, why. Why are a lot of us still starving.
Do you believe that the different ventures you are involved in take away from your own success?
No, my main focus is to give back but I can not give back if I don’t have. I have to build my castle to let someone else live in it. I have to prove that I can make it to help others make it, otherwise it is a dream that I am selling. It is not really giving per se because it is not about ego satisfaction like I think internally that I love to see people happy. Its really about the absence of suffering for me. I hate to see people suffer for their art. They can suffer about others things like their girlfriend leaving them or any other personal problems but not for their passion, their calling in life. I had a friend recently chastise me. In a nutshell she asked me why am I doing this. She said I am wasting my youth, sometimes get into bad health situation because of the amount of things I do on the daily. My response to her and others who would bring this up is and will continue to be no. Doing that would just help me so I can be another guy that the others say yes he made it so what. I am not that guy.

Check out more of Paolo’s work

Instagram / FaceBook / PoetryOfI


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