Christy Lee Rogers

A self-taught photographer Christy Lee Rogers has an obsession with water that is evident in her work. Using light refraction as the foundation of her work the end result is rich and seductive pieces.

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Larissa Morais

Painting on large black canvas in thin layers of oil paint, painter Larissa Morais strives to capture every detail of her subject. The true subject in her work is presented in a way that is usually not seen from the naked eye. A majority of her work is influenced by personal experience.

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Eloy Morales

Painter Eloy Morales creates oil paintings of himself that has a photo like quality. He states that the constant valuation of tones, the tonal transition and avoiding abrupt cuts that are the key factors behind his work.

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Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia’s work focuses on portraits with an aesthetic language. Starting out as an illustrator he transitioned into a painter after being influenced by artists Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, and Kent Williams. As a result of such influences his work is a mixture of realistic and surreal imaginary.

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Adam Courtney

Adam Courtney is a photographer whose work is about constructing environments. His pieces are intended to convey a mood or a feeling of remembrance taking the viewer to moments in their past. In his work he yarns to take the viewer into the images that occupy his mind.

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Margarita Georgiadis

Words from the artist “Each of my paintings are like fragments of an unknown story, like a film still, removed from the sequence of the entire film; the viewer is only presented with one frame in order to evaluate and comprehend the infinite possibility of narrative that surrounds each painting. I am interested in focusing attention on that which is not visible in the painting, that missing element of narrative that completes the story.”

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Yvette Molina

Yvette Molina’s work is focused primarily around her fascination, plant life. Her work of various plants and flowers are inspired by her own garden and immediate neighborhood. In addition to painting, Molina also creates and maintains a collection of terrariums and living plant collages.

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